No Sand Mine!

Help me acheive this goal!  Make it your goal, too.

Billy Ortiz

We are partnering with Tail is Up Foundation, a 501(C)3 animal welfare non-profit, that is helping us raise funds to fight the sand mine. They will help us  protect the animals that live in the El Monte Valley and preserve their habitat.  They are directly paying for outreach activities fueled by your donations. We do not receive a penny. Tax ID #81-0866283

Welcome! Save Our Valley is dedicated to preserving, protecting and restoring the El Monte Valley now and for future generations.


El Monte Valley is currently under attack by those who want to destroy its natural beauty, wildlife habitat, Native American heritage, way of life for residents and recreational use for visitors who love it. They threaten our health with the release of Valley Fever spores and cancer causing pollutants, all for the sake of greed. Our goal is to stop the sand mine and help create a treasure for all to enjoy.

Fight the Fever