No Sand Mine!


Important Dates

We're dedicated to keeping the community informed about important dates and information about the sand mine

The most important thing to do next is communicate with the San Diego County Board of Supervisors It will be months before the mine proposal comes up for a vote but meanwhile we need to let them know where we stand. 

The strategy is to bring awareness to people living in those (and all) districts so they will oppose the mine.  Supervisors will listen to their own constituents more than other folks, so we need your help to  spread the word all over San Diego County.The people in all districts should be ON FIRE to oppose the mine and write to their supervisors. 

You can help in three ways:
1.  Write to your District Supervisor
2.  Talk/Text/Facebook or use any other means to tell your local friends and family to write to their Supervisors.
3.  Please consider a donation to our cause, using the button on the right, so we can spread the word far and wide. It will take funding to do this right! Please help us! Thank you!

Supervisor contact info can be found at this link:

What's Next?

We are partnering with Tail is Up Foundation, a 501(C)3 animal welfare non-profit, that is helping us raise funds to fight the sand mine. They will help us  protect the animals that live in the El Monte Valley and preserve their habitat.  They are directly paying for outreach activities fueled by your donations. We do not receive a penny. Tax ID #81-0866283

Fight the Fever