"Once the spores become airborne, they can be carried hundreds of miles by the wind."

No Sand Mine!

We are partnering with Tail is Up Foundation, a 501(C)3 animal welfare non-profit, that is helping us raise funds to fight the sand mine. They will help us  protect the animals that live in the El Monte Valley and preserve their habitat.  They are directly paying for outreach activities fueled by your donations. We do not receive a penny. Tax ID #81-0866283

Did you know that Valley Fever is considered a bioterrorism agent by the US government? Valley Fever is the most virulent fungal parasite known to man. To work with it as a scientist you have to be in a level 3 biocontainment lab.
Digging up the sand in El Monte Valley will spread this fungus. If you haven’t already signed the petition opposing the sand mine, please follow this link and sign it now!

       #Fightthefever #NosandmineEMV


Fight the Fever

There were 123 cases of Valley Fever reported in San Diego County in 2016 so this is a real threat. The fungal spore that causes Valley Fever has been documented to exist in El Monte Valley. How many trucks carrying sand all over the county will be releasing spores along their route? The article linked below gives important information about this disease: